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Thinking about raising pigs this year? Why not nab my book The Permaculture Pig for the price of a cup of coffee and get started the right way. A surprisingly in-depth handbook, my book will give you all the tips and tricks you need so that you can start raising pigs, or any small livestock really, immediately. Why not support small-scale farming and put my book at the top of the Amazon Charts today?




Are you a Greenhorn Farmer, or thinking about becoming one? Farmer and author Andrew French takes you on a journey through his first few years, raising vegetables for a CSA, building shelters for livestock, harvesting chickens on-farm – and mostly learning how to run a small business. In this handbook, The Greenhorn Farmer Toolbox, he shares his no-nonsense approach to running a farm, and the lessons that he has learned in the process of creating that approach. Small-scale farming can be a beautifully balanced job – but when it falls out of balance it can be extremely stressful. In this handbook, Andrew outlines his methods to reduce that stress, even in the face of monumental tasks such as buying a new property or moving a farm.





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“Death Happens”




Two Pigs and True Love – essay by Andrew French in

“Greenhorns : 50 Dispatches from the New Farmer’s Movement”

Drew French writes for Acres USA Magazine

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