The Whole Hog

We raise our pigs from farrow to finish, focused on the whole hog – We don’t see the hog as a meat producing machine, we see them as sentient beings with a big part to play on our farm.

IMG_20150618_201739Everything on the farm supports the theory and practice of raising pigs on pasture and in wooded area  in order to produce the happiest healthiest pigs on the planet. We raise heritage breed pigs, mainly Large Black Hog (LBH) Sows and LBH/Berkshire cross Boars. Our sows are very gentle and caring mothers. Our current boar is a good-natured big dude with his own “boar-cave” in an acre of woods. The meat of these two breeds are known to be the best tasting pork on the planet, and one of our goals as a farm is to produce well-marbled pork, with fat high in Omega-3 fatty acids derived from the pastures that the pigs roam, while regenerating the landscape of our farm through intensive grazing techniques.

We feed our pigs locally available feed, organic fermented grains, pasture with grasses, fruits & nuts, and plenty of hay – with fresh well water. Bedded in deep hay in our hoophouse, our pigs have plenty of comfortable options to enjoy each and every day. Raising only heritage and hardy breeds of pig, our pigs maintain comfort in any weather or season without being housed in stuffy dark barns. Every day they root in our rich soils and breathe fresh air as they trot around the landscape investigating the landscape to their heart’s content. Our pigs are not nose-ringed, tail-docked, or tooth-clipped. Join The Whole Hog Revolution!

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