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Me and my best friend, Belle!

Do you want to 10X the productivity of your land-based business?

Don’t worry – Let me help you.

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(Additional Travel Expenses May Apply Outside of 100 Mile Radius)

If you are anything like me, you love the outdoors. You love nature, you love plants and animals, and you love to explore.

You want to base your life on your love of nature- maybe raise some goats, plant some apple trees, build a backwoods cabin, use a composting toilet, run a profitable CSA, and basically build a life lived on the land with your hands.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past 12 years. I’ve learned a lot in those years, and as your Permaculture Coach I can help you with anything from the really specific tasks of building a pig paddock to taking charge of your farm finances.

I mean, you do want to make a living, right? But you also want to have a life – I hear you! Let’s work together to make that a reality. I can help you with:

Buying Your Land, Prioritizing Your Goals, Purchasing Your Equipment, Raising Your Livestock, Business Planning, and much much more.

My name is Drew French, owner of Full Boar Farm, and I will be your coach.

Why Me? Because this is what I love to do.


I want to help you see right through that fog and realize your vision, I want to help you focus in on your core goals, and I want to do that right now so that you can actually get to work on the right stuff without wasting any time.

After building a number of financially successful land-based businesses, I want to help you succeed. You have unlimited potential, and I can help you unlock it.

How Does Permaculture Coaching Work?

It’s simple: With a payment of $45, you get a 60 minute session with me.

What does that entail?

Once you click Buy Now button below and enter your email address, we start the process. After the initial Permaculture Coaching Session (PCS) , you can choose to leave it at that, or we can continue to work together on a reoccurring basis (weekly, monthly, yearly). It’s all up to you, and it’s all as easy as clicking that button whenever you need some coaching.


Once you click the secure Paypal Buy Now button and send me your email, we can begin to 10X the productivity of your land-based business!

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(Additional Travel Expenses May Apply Outside of 100 Mile Radius)

After you book a Permaculture Coaching Session with me, feel free to email me at fullboarfarm (at) gmail (dot) com. Looking forward to working with you!

What To Expect

In our first session, we work on pinpointing your CORE VALUE – that one passion that drives all the rest of your actions.

There are a million paths to go down, and we need to pick one that might be right for you – I’ve been down many paths, and I’ve learned a lot from all of them, but the sooner you find that CORE VALUE, the better.

Once we find your CORE VALUE, we can start talking about the specific enterprises that might enhance that value.

In a 60 minute session, we can can get a lot accomplished.