How buying half a pig works

I’ve noticed that pretty much everyone I know is hesitant to get large amounts of meat at one time, even if they have a big freezer. Everybody wonders how does it work and what the hell they are going to do with all that meat. Well, I want to help clarify how it works.

The reality is that you will get a better price if you buy more pork at once, from me or any farmer. I charge about 4 bucks a pound if you get a whole pig, about 5 bucks a pound if you get 40 pounds at once, and about 6 bucks a pound if you get 20 pounds at once. The different prices reflects the extra costs (like storage, refrigeration, labor)of dealing with selling individual parts of the animals, instead of the whole pig at once.

Now, I really do think it is very easy to use up a whole or half a pig. This is really no problem. Let me give you an example of the entire process of going whole hog, whether you buy a whole pig or a half from me.

You send in the Whole or Half Hog Order Form, along with a deposit check, and indicate how you want your pig butchered. I’ve done this hundreds of times before, so although it is new to you, it is old hat to me. Usually, you will have some questions about butchery or delivery and I will answer them. We can take our time figuring those things out, and when you are satisfied that everything is the way you want it, we can go forward.

The easiest thing to do is just try it out once; every one of my customers is a little confused at first, but then it all makes sense after the first time. A half or whole hog is really not that much food in the grand scheme of all your food shopping- – yes, it looks like a lot all at one time, but if you are like me and love sausage for breakfast and chops for dinner, it all all disappears really fast.

So after you send in your deposit, I earmark one of my pigs for you. Then, a couple weeks before I harvest the pig, I will let you know the estimated date of delivery of your pork.

I will pick up your frozen USDA inspected amazing pork from my local master butcher. I will drive to a dropsite or your home, whichever works best for you that particular day, and I will unload your pig for you, while you arrange it in your freezer. Then, I will add up what you owe, minus your deposit, and you will write a check and our business will be done.

One half pig will be approximately 90-120 pounds of meat, which will fill up one of my extra large coolers and a portion of a chest freezer.

Now, you simply have to eat all that pork, which is easy. For me, I can eat a half a pig easily in about 3 months, but I do tend to eat a lot of meat. For a family of 4, I would estimate that would last you about 6 months to a year, depending on how much pork you eat every day.

But think about it – one payment and you don’t have to think about your pork needs for 6 months to a year!

Those on the Carnivore, Paleo, Primal, or Keto diet may go through a half pig in 3 months or less, like me.

This is all pretty much how my Pork Packs works as well, only you receive smaller amounts of my pork that I pick out especially for your box, and you can choose which months you want to receive a box!

So there ya have it – literally, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me, or send me your phone number and we can talk!

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