Transition and Porkaculture


Big news for Full Boar Farm!

2016 is a very full year of transition and growth for me and my pigs. We are moving from my current farmland where I have lived and learned endless lessons about life, love, and farming to another piece of property closer to the Twin Cities. This property will most likely be a transitional place for me to work on and perfect my pastured pig systems. Full Boar Farm will also be taking a key leadership role in creating a pastured pork hub for the small farmers in the community – developing sources for heritage breed feeder piglets, including a farrowing operation, as well as assisting in the development of a local small-scale organic feed mill resource for farmers to purchase the highest quality feeds and supplements at bulk prices, within a cooperative model. More details on that in the future.

I will be transforming this beautiful 40 acre parcel into a system of paddocks for my heritage hogs, with ample room to roam and root, and they will jumpstart the soil microbiota as well as fertilize the land as they exercise and breathe the fresh air. One of my biggest tasks this year will be growing my own feed, as I work to cultivate the soil on the new farm property organically, which has been in conventional corn as well as alfalfa for decades. I will also be performing trials on forage and fodder crops for this specific climate and soil type, including legumes, grasses, roots, and seeds, with a focus on perennial crops.

To create a whole farm system based on raising pigs from farrow to fork is the goal, and this endeavor is what we are calling “porkaculture”.


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