Time to reserve your Happy Hog!

Morning Folks!


It is time to reserve your happy hog from Full Boar Farm!

I have a limited amount of pigs set aside for you to purchase as a whole or half hog.

We don’t use a chemical cocktail to keep our hogs happy and fat – we feed them well and let them live good lives.

Our hogs are USDA inspected.

We sell whole and half hogs, as well as retail cuts delivered directly to the customer. Our whole and half hogs can be scalded, skin on, for an added fee.

Whole & Half Hogs Pricing & Guidelines

The live weight of one of our pigs at slaughter is approximately 250 pounds. The hanging weight is approximately 180 pounds. For the consumer, we can cut each half into primal cuts, which are the basic cuts before processing into the retail cuts, When processed into retail cuts the meat will be approx 67+% of the hanging weight so about 125-150 of actual cuts. We can also reserve the fat, organs, extra bones, and heads for you as well. Everything is flash frozen and vacuum packed unless otherwise specified.

What do you get when you purchase a Half Hog?
Pounds / Item
13 / Pork chops 1″ – total of 23 pork chops
3 / Spare Ribs
9 / Breakfast Sausage or Burger in 1 lb chubs
15 / Smoked & Cured Ham
8 / Bacon
10 / Shoulder Roasts
4 / Butt Pork Roasts
5 / Stew Bones
8 / Fat – render for lard
75 Total pounds of cuts in the freezer (figures gleaned from the amazing Walter Jeffries at Sugar Mountain Farm, http://sugarmtnfarm.com/ )

You may ask “Where does the rest of the hanging weight of the pig go?” Essentially the answer is that it gets cut off or trimmed away when being transformed into the retail cuts of pork. In order to utilize the whole hog, we can reserve any extra fat, organs, bones, and heads for you as well.

Cost of Whole Hog: $6/lb Hanging Weight + slaughter & butchering/packing costs
Approximately $6 x 180 lbs =  $1,080 plus $260 = $1,340

Cost of Half Hog: $7/lb Hanging Weight + slaughter & butchering/packing costs
Approximately $7 x 90 lbs = $630 plus $130 = $760

Buying and splitting a Whole Hog at home with friends can save you around $90 per half.

We request a $180 deposit on your Half Hog or a $360 deposit on your Whole Hog to reserve your pig which is non-refundable.

Please print out our order form and send it, along with your deposit, to Full Boar Farm to reserve your amazing pork and become part of the  Whole Hog Revolution!

Whole / Half Hog Order Form, PDF

Whole / Half Hog Order Form, DOC

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