Winter Hay

I had about 250 small bales of grass hay harvested from my own field to use up for my pigs bedding and supplemental feed this fall and winter, and that all went very fast.


I bartered for some large round bales from my friendly neighbor Mark and I picked them up yesterday and am very happy to see my pigs enjoying the hay today! Hay is almost like the Swiss army knife of raising pigs. Depending on the type of hay it can be a great supplemental feed. It is also bedding that they will eat after it is old. They enjoy rooting around in it and playing with it, basically. They love to lounge in the sun in a big haypile. As a mulch it is perfect to spread liberally over any areas they have overused to increase organic matter in the soil and start feeding the soil microbial world. Pigs can be hard on pieces of land and generous applications of hay and seed can help alleviate any over-compaction. So the sun has come out and shines on the hay, pigs, and snow, and I am content.


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