Happy Pork

Good Morning Pork Lovers – December is here and it time to reserve your Whole or Half Hog for 2016!


My piglets are happy and healthy and growing well! In 2016 I will be reserving  10 pigs for you, the ethical meat eater who would like a direct connection to where your food comes from. I will be selecting these pigs for you from my herd and bringing them to my local meat processor a few miles away for a quick end to a happy life for your hog. A large part of my focus is on providing a stress-free life for my hogs and that includes the least amount of stress at the end of their lives.

piggiesYes, they are very cute right now! But if you eat bacon or sausage, piglets are where all of your pork comes from – Purchasing your pork from Full Boar Farm will assure that the bacon you love comes from happy naturally raised pigs!

I will be delivering your pork directly to you or at a prearranged dropsite. There will be opportunities to get your pork in the spring and the fall. Please take a moment and peruse the order form for Whole or Half Hogs! Thank you!

Whole / Half Hog Order Form, PDF

Whole / Half Hog Order Form, DOC

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