Piglets weaned!


After the hustle and bustle of turkey, goose, and chicken processing of the last week, I finally got all my piglets weaned off all the mamas. I had practiced a soft weaning method, in which I kept one mama with the piglets for approximately 5 days. It was really interested to watch – she started out a bit overtaxed and quickly became the mother of the whole herd (drift) of piglets! She was very protective of them all and here at the end started to become pretty agressive to anybody in the hoophouse, where all the piglets are kept for the time being. I will be moving her over to the breeding paddock with all the other sows and boar later on today.



I’ve also been gathering cull squash and other vegetables from neighbor farms  – all the pigs love these treats and they are so good for their health! Wonderful organic produce.


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